Hello, I'm MuskanKA, a self-taught artist with unquenchable passion for colors & expressions. Painting became my way to translate creative ideas, emotions, and moods. I discovered my endless joy to create for interiors with specific needs. From my earliest memories, I've held a brush in hand, as I started my artistic path in a small studio in Beirut, Lebanon led by the famous Lebanese artistic family Guiragossian. As a teenager, I aimed to learn as much from my teacher Jean-Paul Guiragossian. I connected first with the colors, then shapes and materials. It soon became obvious that abstract art is my language to trigger imagination & magnify emotions. My style began to take shape. Later in time, I understood that colors would make sense, when they translate ideas, & express emotions, to become the voice for humans feelings, to see beyond the physical, and to connect with the deepest self.

Currently, I offer individuals, interior designers, and architects the service to customize artwork inspired based on their needs and my artwork collection. I am very open to think beyond and co-create an extraordinary and unique piece of art fitting a modern contemporary minimalist interior. I create a customized artwork, that reflects a unique style and personality. I embark on a creative journey to translate a vision into a one-of-a-kind piece of art best fitting into a well defined interior. I specialize in abstract art, with a multiple facet of styles, a fusion of colors, shapes, and emotions that resonate with my clients' individuality. My brushstroke and blend of colors are crafted to captivate senses, elevate and balance a space. I love to add a human touch into an interior.

MuskanKA's Artwort is a conversation starter, an endless source of inspiration, and a captivating enhancement to any space. It is an expression of ideas and revelation of emotions. MuskanKA's artwork is a binding element for modern contemporary interior design, a balancing element.