“The eye learns to feel before it looks.”


MuskanKA brings contemporary art to life. Her abstract artwork stimulates unexpressed emotions & triggers feelings. Her mission is to elevate your senses with a unique touching blend of colors, forms and textures, all expertly crafted onto canvas and high-end poster prints.

If you feel captivated, intrigued by what your eyes feel, you're in the right place.

Commission Artwork

Whether you're drawn to bold and vibrant palettes or prefer subtle and soothing tones, MuskanKA tailors each piece to harmonize with your unique aesthetic. Unlike mass-produced art, personalized artwork becomes a canvas of your personal emotions, your experiences, and story. Your customized painting becomes your testament to the power of your individuality and creativity. Let's start a creative process together and witness your abstract dreams transformed into exceptional memory. Your personalized masterpiece is just a few clicks away.

Get in touch to discuss your ideas for a commission artwork, exhibition possibilities or potential collaborations.