Hello, I'm MuskanKA, a self-taught artist with unquenchable passion for colors & expressions. Painting became my way to translate creative ideas, emotions, and moods. I discovered my endless joy to create for interiors with specific needs.

From my earliest memories, I've held a brush in hand, as I started my artistic path in a small studio in Beirut, Lebanon led by the famous Lebanese artistic family Guiragossian. As a teenager, I aimed to learn as much from my teacher Jean-Paul Guiragossian. I connected first with the colors, then shapes and materials. It soon became obvious that abstract art is my language to trigger imagination & magnify emotions. My style began to take shape.

Later in time, I understood that colors would make sense, when they translate ideas, & express emotions, to become the voice for humans feelings, to see beyond the physical, and to connect with the deepest self.

Currently, I offer individuals, interior designers, and architects the service to customize artwork inspired based on their needs and my artwork collection. I am very open to think beyond and co-create an extraordinary and unique piece of art fitting a modern contemporary minimalist interior.

My artwork is an expression and revelation of emotions and ideas. 

My artwork is a binding element for modern contemporary interior design, a balancing element.


MuskanKA is on a mission to change the way Artwork is perceived and consumed. Rather than creating for an intrisinc reason, MuskanKA wants to challenge her creative process and include the client in the co-creation. Her goal is to match the artwork with the perfect interior that brings the artwork alive.


The world MuskanKA wishes to create and live in is a world of beauty, connection, compassion and self-discovery, a world where people connect with themself, their feelings and become more aware about the surrounding and interior. People interact with respect & kindness.

MuskanKA brings contemporary art to life. Her abstract artwork stimulates unexpressed emotions & triggering feelings. Her mission is to express your senses with a unique touching blend of colors, forms and textures, all expertly crafted onto canvas and high-end poster prints.